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We publish music in-house - created by artists and bands with members limited solely to company owners and employees. Currently our lineup includes the band Drift Flaw.


Drift Flaw Biography

Patrick Cheatham began Drift Flaw solely composing at the computer and allowing the computer to do all the performing and combination. Patrick is a Master of Science of Aeronautical Engineering, is a former Strike Eagle fighter pilot, and is a self-taught Software Engineer, who gravitates toward the synthesizers, samplers, and audio processing. Patrick's music often defies genre - sounding like fusions of Techno, Metalcore, Dance, Symphonic, and New Age. Drift Flaw album themes often respect such issues as natural processes, wellness & wholeness, and vitality & personal liberty. Flaw? Flaws from impossible perfection abound, and lend character to everything. Our flaws and the flaws in things are what we are made of - making us human. Deviation from perfect standardization provides uniqueness to all, and allows us to deviate from the rut. There are exceptions to every rule, and every rule is an exception to every other rule. Yielding, flexibility, elasticity, fluidity, and forgiveness are imbued in physics and the nature of our personal flaw.





In our first video, at approximately every 15 seconds, excerpts from released songs play to allow you to discover which tracks interest you.


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Sky Frontiers Album Cover

Release: 2009

Patrick Cheatham

Tracks: 7

Theme: Skies We Notice

Mode: ACID Loop Arrangement
The Beauty of Decay Album Cover

Release: 2010

Patrick Cheatham

Tracks: 11

Theme: Decay/Growth to Nature

Mode: MIDI-Drawn synth/sampler Notes and Beats
Broad Lands Album Cover

Release: 2011

Patrick Cheatham

Tracks: 8

Theme: Types of Land Areas

Mode: ACID Loop Arrangement



Digital Audio Workstation: Sony Creative Software ACID Pro, alongside Sony Creative Software Sound Forge

Physical Instruments: Home built SNOW990-FX8350-HYP32-GTX660-VRTX3 8 core 4 GHz desktop computer, Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Sound/Instrument Interface, and Novation UltraNova synthesizer-vocoder

Software Instruments: Native Instruments Komplete (Absynth, Battery, FM-8, Guitar Rig, Kontakt, Massive, Reaktor and more), and NCH Verbose Text-to-Speech

Mastering: 320kbps/44.1KHz MP3 (MPEG Layer 3)

Artwork: Photos and/or Corel Painter Artwork by Patrick Cheatham; additionally: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Expression Designer, Adobe Dreamweaver

Music Videos: Sony mini-DVD Camcorder Recordings by Patrick Cheatham, Sony Creative Software Vegas-produced 720x396 square pixel and 30 fps WMV, 192Kbps/44.1KHz audio